Unbounce x Zapier:
one integration to rule them all

Connect your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to over 60 apps without typing a line of code or ever leaving Unbounce.

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You’re working with multiple tools like Slack, GoToWebinar, and Google Sheets. How can you automatically pass the data that you collect in Unbounce to these other tools that are scattered throughout your marketing tech stack?


Unbounce: The only conversion tool that brings the Zapier experience to life, right within the builder.


Unbounce’s Integrations Powered by Zapier, also known as “Zaps,” let you automatically send the leads and data gathered from your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to over 60 apps directly within Unbounce. Not only are Zaps easy to set up, they’re also key to building automated campaigns and workflows across different tools — no coding needed.


BONUS: You’ll also have access to 900+ app integrations in Zapier’s interface.

Say hello to a whole new world of efficiencies.


Connect to over 60 marketing tools (including faves like Zendesk, Intercom, and Google Sheets) in four simple steps, without leaving the Unbounce app. No more third-party tools, no more copying and pasting HTML to build connections.


“It’s SO beautiful! Seriously, this is by far the best implementation we have seen on the new API.”

Cody Jones,
Head of Partnerships at Zapier

Imagine this. When someone:

  • Subscribes for updates...

    Their info goes right into a Google Sheet shared with your co-marketing partner.

    They automatically get a ranking based on their job title on LinkedIn.

    Your Sales team instantly gets a Slack message notifying them to reach out.

  • Signs up for a webinar...

    They’ll receive automated reminders via Slack, email, or social media.

    They can also choose to book a demo or chat right in your calendar.

    You automatically receive a follow-up reminder in your Trello or Basecamp boards.

  • Downloads an ebook...

    A personalized email is instantly generated with custom messaging to continue nurturing them.

    They’re automatically assigned a lead score.

    Their data is sent to a marketing automation tool (like Autopilot) that scores them, adds them to the right lists, and sends them customized nurture campaigns.

Manipulate the lead data that you receive on Unbounce landing pages in endless ways — all without manually repeating tasks.


Search engine marketing, organic SEO, pay-per-click advertising and inbound marketing extraordinaire at Altos.

“The integration powered by Zapier was super easy to setup and execute – it allows my client to automatically send their leads to different sales teams depending on their selected option. My client thinks I am a magician! I could see this being used a lot going forward.”
Joe Savitch Unbounce Customer

Joe Savitch,
Production Manager at Altos

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