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Move First, Think Later is the title of my book that has been published by New In Chess in June 2012.
A characterization in back cover wording:

"Is trial and error a more effective way to get to the best move than looking carefully at the characteristics of a position? Why does the advice of some chess trainers resemble the advice you are given in horoscopes? Is talent an overrated concept and can we all become grandmasters? Is it possible to reach master strength without ever making a plan?

In this instructive and highly entertaining book, International Master Willy Hendriks takes on these questions and a lot of related ones. In his journey into the chess playing mind he comes up with original answers that oppose the dogmas of the chess instruction establishment.

This book offers a refreshing view on the ways to improve our chess. At the same time it contains a lot of instructive positions that are presented in the form of exercises to the reader. Learning a lot about the latest insights on the working of our brains combines nicely with really improving your chess.
This book gives a rich overview on all the theories about getting better at chess. But no less important, Hendriks shows how you can travel light on the road to chess improvement!"

"Funny, controversial ... one of the best and most entertaining instructional books I have ever seen" (Steve Giddins' Chess Blog). further reading


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