About me

Chess has been an important part of my life since I learned the game at the age of twelve. Apart from playing I have been active as a chess trainer, both for adults and young talents. For the Dutch chess federation I worked for several years on organising training and coaching for the top talents.

In recent years writing about chess has become my main occupation. In 2012 my first book Move First, Think Later was published and it won the ECF Book of the Year Award . As a philosopher by education I like to look at chess from a broad perspective. Cognitive psychology, philosophy of science and the history of the game are my main fields of interest.

As a player I'm a bit of a late bloomer. In 2001 (at age 35) I obtained the International Master title. Since then I scored two GM results. I fear however that the grandmaster title will stay out of my reach, though playing chess at an older age is a topic I'm interested in and maybe once will write a book about.

For chess clubs I'm happy to give a training session or lecture around topics from my books.
For more information about this, but also for questions or remarks concerning my books, you are welcome to contact me at info@movefirstthinklater.com.


Michael Adams handing over the English Chess Federation Book of the Year Award to me at the London Chess Classic 2012.